Máquina automática de llenado y tapado de botellas - ¿En línea o rotativa?

The automatic filling and capping machine is an essential tool for the packaging industry. It is designed to fill and cap various types of containers in a fast and efficient manner. There are several different types of automatic bottle filling and capping machines available, each with their unique features, applications, and benefits.


-Inline Filling And Capping Machine


First, there is the automatic inline bottle filling and capping machine. This machine is designed for applications where high-speed production is essential. It can fill up to 300 containers per minute and can handle various container sizes and shapes. The inline machine is ideal for industries such as cosmetic, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, where large volumes of products need to be filled and capped in a short period. Its main advantage is its high speed and versatility, making it a cost-effective solution for those who require mass production.


Inline Sauce Bottle Filling Capping Machine                    Inline Perfume Bottle Filling Capping Machine


-Rotary Filling And Capping Machine


Secondly, we have the rotary type bottle filling and capping machine. Unlike the inline machine, the rotary machine has a star wheel layout, enabling it to transfer the containers through each station of the filling and capping process. This machine can handle a wide range of container sizes and filling volumes, making it a popular choice among manufacturers of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and personal care products. Its main advantage is that its compact design is space-saving, and it can be fully automated, eliminating the need for manual operation.


Rotary Bottle Filling And Capping Machine                     Rotary Water Bottle Filling Capping Machine


Given the truth that each product has different characteristics: free-flowing liquid, viscous liquid, paste, powder or granules, the bottle filling and capping machine can be designed with different pumps to handle various products. For cosmetics and pharmaceutical products which requires precise filling, we usually use peristaltic pump filling and capping machine to pack this kind of products. It has other advantage that the liquid only flows in tubes rather than passing through the pumps, and it’s easy to change tubes when filling different liquid. For thicker paste, we usually piston pump or rotor pump to pump the materials into containers. The filling range of pumps can always be customized as your production need.


The benefits of using an automatic bottle filling and capping machine are many. It provides a more consistent and efficient process, reduces labor costs, and ensures product quality and safety. With an automatic machine, manufacturers can achieve higher output levels and increase their production efficiency. The machines are designed to handle harsh conditions, making them durable and long-lasting, and require minimal maintenance.


In conclusion, the automatic bottle filling and capping machines are essential tools for the firms of different industries. They come in different types to cater to various industries and product types. By utilizing these machines, manufacturers can increase their production capacity, improve the consistency, and ensure product quality and safety. As a leading filling and capping machine manufacturer, ZONESUN offers unique packaging solutions for your production. We look forward to cooperating with you.


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