Automatic Capping Machine Defined

An automatic capping machine is used in a production line to aid in better and faster placing, fitting, and tightening caps in containers. The machine can tighten caps at approximately 40 caps per minute. The tightener has an easy-to-use menu on a touch screen display that shows production information. The device can cap different sizes of bottles of up to 120mm in diameter. This has made it more suitable, self-contained, and easy for our customers

How Taponadora automática Works

The automatic machine is very easy to use. First, you must ensure that the machine and the container are at the same height. In addition, you will also adjust the width and shape of the container to match the belt width and the angle of the containers. Finally, it would help if you accommodated the width of the cap by tightening or loosening the spindles and the torque value of the cap.

The machine works by flowing the cap and the containers in different spindles or spinning discs. First, the spindle will pass the rotary motion to the caps. The device will then place the caps on the containers automatically. Next, the machine will strip the caps as they move to the tightening process. Lastly, adjust the cap delivery chute and the delivery system to move the bottles to the next station.

This process will automatically continue until the operation completes. The spindle cappers can work on different caps without changing the machine. Compared to the volume production, the device is comparatively inexpensive and reliable.

taponadora automática

Benefits of The Automatic Capping Machine

The machine causes an increase in production output and efficiency through excellent torque value.

It also helps to do away with injuries and labor fatigues. The machines are easy to clean and aseptic. Due to its design, the device does not favor the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms.

Application of Taponadora automática

Industrial Packaging

Capping is the most important part of the packaging process. The industries such as the chemical and cosmetic sectors depend on automatic capping machines to tighten caps on their packages. The chemical industry relies on automatic machines due to their product’s sensitive nature. The cosmetic industry has different containers, thus requiring an automatic capping machine.

Food and Beverages Processing

Food processing and soft drinks companies depend on automatic machines for capping due to the hygienic requirement.

Medical Products

The pharmaceutical industries deliver medicines in different types of containers. The sensitive nature of their products requires very tight seals and these automatic machines are excellent at making tamper-proof seals avoid contamination.

taponadora automática


Zonesun technology limited is a one-stop packaging machine supplier that offers a variety of automatic capping machines based on your need. We are reliable with over ten years of experience in the packaging industry. Contact our website for your packaging business needs, and we will not hesitate to serve you.



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