ZS-AFC6F Rotary Automatic Onion Essential Oil Bottle Filling And Capping Machine

This machine is a monoblock one which features functions of feeding bottles, filling liquid, loading inner plugs and bottle covers, and pressing bottle covers automatically. It can be used for packing liquid like onion essential oil, eye drops, serum. The onion essential oil bottle filling and capping machine can be customized according to your production need.

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Onion Essential Oil Bottle Filling And Capping Machine


  • Equipped with peristaltic pump, this machine has high filling precision.
  • With two vibratory bowls, they can feed and load inner plugs and bottle covers automatically.
  • This filling and capping machine can also work with labeling machine to complete automatic production.


Diagrama de la máquina

Máquina Detalle-1

Máquina Detalle-2

Tiro real

Modelo de máquina ZS-AFC6F
Tensión de la máquina 110/220V 50-60HZ About 2KW
Velocidad de trabajo About 2200-2500BPH (depending on bottle size and filling materials)
Bomba de llenado Bomba peristáltica
Gama de llenado Se puede personalizar
Precisión de llenado 10ml±2%
Presión atmosférica About 0.6-0.8MPa
Tamaño de la máquina About 2300*1100*1550mm


Configuración de la máquina
Componente de la máquina Marca Origen
PLC Siemens Alemania
Panel de control Siemens Alemania
Inversor ZIRI China
Relevo intermedio Siemens Alemania
Interruptor de aire Siemens Alemania
Pneumatic Components AirTAC Taiwán,China
Photoelectric Sensor Panasonic Japón
  • Productos aplicables: Onion essential oil, anti-wrinkle serum, eye drops, liquid solution.
  • Industrias aplicables: Cosmetic, personal care, chemical, pharmaceutical industries.



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