Máquina estuchadora vertical ZS-ZHJ50D

This cartoning packaging machine is suitable for packing drinks, instant coffee powder, skin oil, etc. It features functions of erecting boxes, closing bottom tuck flaps and top tuck flaps, and discharging finished products automatically. The machine can also be customized with bottle loading, leaflet feeding and gluing functions.

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Máquina estuchadora vertical

Applicable Box Types


  • This automatic cartoner is equipped with touchscreen panel, making it easy to adjust technical parameters. Language of panel can be customized.
  • Size of starwheel can be customized according to your products.
  • This cartoning machine can be customized for different types of boxes, like reverse tuck-end boxes, lock bottom boxes. One machine can only handle one type.


Diagrama de la máquina

Working Process of automatic cartoner

Detalle de la máquina

Toma real de máquina envasadora vertical.

Modelo de máquina ZS-ZHJ50D
Tensión 220 V 50-60 Hz
Potencia 1,5 kW
Capacidad de producción About 20-50boxes/min (depending on box size)
Maximum Size of Box 200*80*80mm
Minimum Size of Box 60*20*20mm
Paper Quality of Box 250-350g/m³
Presión atmosférica 0,5-0,8Mpa
Consumo de aire 260L/min
Optional Functions 1. Gluing function,

2. Date coding function,

3. Bottle feeding function,

4. Leaflet inserting function.

Tamaño de la máquina About 1100*1500*1700mm(L*W*H)
Peso de la máquina Unos 450 kg
  • Applicable Boxes: Straight tuck-end boxes, reverse tuck-end boxes, auto lock bottom boxes, lock bottom boxes, etc.
  • Productos aplicables: Drinks, instant coffee powder, lip gloss, moisturizing cream, skin oil, etc.
  • Industrias aplicables: Food, beverage, personal care, chemical industries.


Application of auto cartoner machine


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