ZS-AFC1C Semi-Automatic Small Ampoule Bottle Filling Capping Machine

This machine has the function of filling low-viscosity liquid and pressing bottle caps. It’s in small size and can work automatically, saving working space and labor. The machine can be customized to suit for your products(including filling volume, filling nozzle size).

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Semi Automatic Ampoule Bottle Filling Capping Machine


  • It’s in small size and can fill liquid and press caps automatically, saving working space and labor cost.
  • With magnetic pump, it has the feature of high filling accuracy and high temperature resistance.
  • Con el panel PLC, es fácil configurar los parámetros. El idioma del mismo se puede personalizar.
  • This ampoule bottle filling capping machine can be customized according to your product size.


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Modelo de máquina ZS-AFC1C
Tensión 110/220V 50-60Hz
Potencia de la máquina 500W
Bomba de llenado Magnetic pump
Gama de llenado ≤100ml
Suitable Bottles’ Height ≤120mm(Can customize for higher bottles)
Suitable Caps’ Diameter Customize
Suitable Bottles’ Diameter 10-40mm
Size of Filling Nozzle OD 2mm
Velocidad de trabajo 20-50bottles/min(depend on liquid and bottle size)
Tamaño de la máquina About 580*580*800mm
Peso de la máquina Alrededor de 52 kg
  • Líquido aplicable: Líquido de baja viscosidad
  • Productos aplicables: Perfume, essential oil, chemical reagent.
  • Aplicable Industries: Chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, daily chemical industries.




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