ZS-DPYT2P Máquina llenadora digital semiautomática de líquidos de agua de 2 cabezales

This digital filling machine is designed for filling low-viscosity liquid, such as juice, water, edible oil, etc. It can be connected with conveyor belt, realizing upgrade of automation level.

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Digital Liquid Filling Machine

·With digital control panel, it’s easy to set or adjust parameters like filling time.
·This digital filling machine has automatic working mode and pedal switch control mode, which can be switched freely.
·The filling speed of 2 heads can be adjusted separately. Easy to operate.
·The filling heads have anti-dripping function, ensuring high filling accuracy.


Diagram of digital liquid filling machineDiaphragm pump of semi-automatic digital filling machine

Modelo de máquina ZS-DPYT2P
Tensión AC220V/110V 50-60HZ
Potencia 70W
Bomba de llenado Bomba de diafragma
Gama de llenado 50-4000ml
Distancia máxima de aspiración 1.5M
Maximum Flow Rate 4L/min(based on water)
Repetitive Error smaller than 0.5% (depending on the density of product)
Filling Nozzle Diameter DE 6 mm
Peso de la máquina About 5kg
  • Líquido aplicable: Líquido de baja viscosidad.
  • Productos aplicables: Juice, mineral water, soy sauce, edible oil.
  • Industrias aplicables: Industrias de alimentación y bebidas.


Application of digital filling machine


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