Máquina llenadora semiautomática de latas de refrescos carbonatados ZS-CF4A

This machine has functions of mixing drinks and CO2, and filling carbonated drinks into tin cans automatically. It adopts the way of isobaric filling, which can fill carbonated drinks accurately. This soft drink can filling machine is suitable for small or medium-scale production of soda drinks or carbonated drinks.

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Semi-Automatic Carbonated Soft Drink Can Filling Machine


  • The machine is made in simple design, which is easy to operate.
  • This soft drink can filling machine can also work with cans sealing machine to complete production. Please feel free to contact us if you also need other machines.
  • The quantity of filling nozzles can be customized as your need.
  • This soda can filling machine can be customized according to tin can size.



Diagram of Soft Drink Can Filling MachineDetalle de la máquinaTiro real

>Mixing Machine

Technical Requirements
Capacidad de producción 1.5—2T/h
The Mixing Ratio of syrup and water 1:2—1:8
Beverage liquid outlet temperature <6℃
Beverage liquid outlet pressure 0.3—0.5Mpa
Carbonation Gas Content 3G.V
Requirements for Raw Materials
Inlet Pressure of Treated Water 0.2 Mpa
Inlet Temperature of Treated Water <6℃
Syrup Inlet Temperature <4℃
CO2 Inlet Pressure 0.28—0.35 Mpa
CO2 Purity >99%
Tamaño del paquete About 910*1000*1880mm
Peso del paquete Unos 200 kg


>Máquina llenadora

Filling Nozzle Quantity 4
Filling Material Temperature 1-4℃
Filling Material Pressure 0.2-0.3MPa
Capacidad de trabajo 240-400BPH
Inlet & Outlet Diameter For 330/500ml Metal Cans(Can be customized)
Presión atmosférica 0,5-0,7MPa
CO2 Pressure 0.2-0.3MPa
Tamaño del paquete About 950*750*1960mm
Peso del paquete About 163kg
  • Contenedores aplicables: Tin Cans.
  • Líquido aplicable: Sprite, coke, juice, soda water, etc.
  • Industrias aplicables: Industrias de bebidas.




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