Why Choosing Complete Automatic Filling Line?

In packaging industries, automation level varies in different business. There is a business that the filling or capping process is accomplished automatically and the rest packaging process will be finished by manual operating. Some packagers use semi-automatic packaging equipment to complete production process, the others would use both semi-automatic and automatic equipment. Although any level of automation can make benefits for packers, it’s also beneficial to use a completely automatic filling line.


Velocidad de producción

Automatic filling line can obtain more speed, which is hard for manual or semi-automatic equipment to reach. For automatic filling line, operator are needed to set up machines before production, including adjusting bottles, covers, labels or other component of machines. Once it’s set up, the machines can run automatically and consistently, without the need of operator intervention(except keeping components needed by production). Automatic equipment make it possible to realize rinsing, filling or capping bottles at a high speed of over 100 bottles per minute. While in the situation of using manual or semi-automatic equipment, the products are packaged in an unstable speed which depends on operators. Therefore, the automatic filling system enables packager to meet the higher demands and create more profits.   


Lower Labor Cost 

As mentioned above, when using automatic packing machines, the interaction between operators and machine components will greatly decrease. Sometimes it might need one or multiple operators to set parameters or monitor equipment or change bulk components, but the operators’ quantity and their working time will greatly decrease. Some packaging companies that have automatic filling system might still make operators load bottles at start and unload finished products in the end of production. However, operators are no longer needed to participate in every cycle of rinsing, filling and capping.


Complete Filling Line



While semi-automatic equipment cannot always accelerate production process, they have the feature of consistence and reliability. Automatic packing equipment can not only accelerate production, but supply the same or better consistence and reliability. For example, automatic capping machines can tighten bottle caps in a consistent and repeatable way, avoiding the situation that the caps are loose or over-tight. Once adjusted to suit for one kind of bottles and covers, the machine can cap bottles in the same way.   


Though not all the packers are in need of a completely automatic filling line, the automatic running can lead some people to moving into automation in early process. This can leave space for company to grow up its equipment.


As a leading packing machine manufacturer in China, ZONESUN can always keep pace with customers. We can customize and supply automatic filling lines for different industries. ZONESUN has an excellent technical team and after-sales team, who are continuously improving their skills and providing customers with best technical support. We are looking forward to build a long-term relationship with you.



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