6 Alasan Mengapa Menggunakan Mesin Pengisian Otomatis

An automatic filling machine is a device that transfer materials(like liquid, paste or powder, etc) from a tank to bottles, cans or other containers, making them become finished products which can be sold or used. Most of the running process is completed independently by the machine. Therefore, it doesn’t require operator interaction in every filling cycle.


Applying automatic filling machines into production process can make profits for a packaging firm. Most of the firms expect the filling machines to be compatible for different materials so as to lower production cost. Luckily, automatic filling machines can always meet this demand.


Mesin Pengisian Botol Otomatis


The reasons are listed as follows:


  1. Steady&Consistent Filling

One of the benefits of automatic filling machine is that every filling cycle in the production is fulfilled in the same way. The usage of automatic filling machine can assure the consistence of every container, which cannot be reached by manual filling.      


  1. Kapasitas produksi

The production demand will increase as the company develops. At this time it isn’t realistic to hire more labor to realize filling of each bottle because of high labor cost and low efficiency. Fortunately, automatic filling machines can solve this problem. Equipped with conveying system and multiple heads, it enables the machine to work more quickly and steadily.


  1. Compatibility

The another advantage of automatic filling machine is that at some point it suits for diverse products. For example, automatic piston filling machine, can be applied to fill shampoo, laundry detergent, milk and so on. This meet the demands that some companies would like to pack materials in different containers or they operate different products. Sometimes you can make simple adjustments to enable machines to suit for different products.


  1. Development Potential

Automatic filling machines should keep focused on the future, rather than satisfying the maximum production capacity promptly. In other words, a qualified filling machines should develop as a company grows. Making adjustments on machines, like more filling heads, can greatly improve working efficiency, enabling the machines to grow with business.


  1. Ease of Operation

There are always PLC and operation interface equipped in automatic filling machines. The operation interface is always touchscreen type, which is convenient for operators to enter working parameters and control the machines to run. The language of interface is bespoken according to users’ need. Besides, this kind of interface can store used data, which can be reused quickly in next-time working, saving time on operating process.  



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