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A labeling machine is either automatic or semi-automatic equipment used to print and attach labels on products. Labels are significant in product packaging, presentation, and identification as they tell about the manufacturer to the world. Labels also aid in promoting the product brand and give the customer important information about the product.

The labeling machines have a diverse and plentiful range of applications as most commercial products have labels attached to either the packaging or the actual product. This machines create graphics and texts as simple bar codes, batch codes, 2D codes, and expiration dates for logos and images. The labeling process includes printing, dispensing, and attaching. The labeling machinery automation has two levels.

mesin pelabelan

Semi-automatic label machine

An operator is needed to initiate and assist in some processes in the labeling machines. The operator places the products in the labeling machine and activates it to start the process, the machine will then label the product, and the operator will manually remove the package from the platform. This level is used in small production and small businesses and industries. Despite being cost-effective, it also has some degree of inaccuracy.

Otomatis mesin pelabelan

The operator has minimal involvement in this stage as the machine performs all the processes. A conveyor is used to transport the products as the machine attaches the labels on the products. This machinery is more applicable where the labeling needs accuracy and high production industries.

Label printing machine

The initial step of the labeling process is printing, where the blueprint of the label is duplicated on the films. Next, the film is made of paper, plastic, or metal foil. The printed labels are then bonded to the package or product. Lastly, an adhesive film is attached to the backside of the printed label film and bound effectively to the product or package.

The labeling machine uses different printing machines such as; thermal printers, RFID labels, inkjet printers, and laser printers.

mesin pelabelan

Label applicators

Are machines attach the printed labels on films with an adhesive that is pressure sensitive to products, packages, cases, and containers. The labels are attached while the conveyer is transporting the products. The products are properly aligned before the tags are attached.

First, the load of the printed labels is unwound, and the backside liner is removed to expose the pressure-sensitive adhesive. Next, the machine separates the label from the web, and the labeling head holds the designation and attaches it to the product with the PSA under the brand. The products are then transported to the succeeding steps. Label applicators are efficient and accurate as they are very effective for high-volume labeling. They flexibly attach labels on the products’ top, sides, bottom, and corners.

A labeling system is a piece of integrated equipment that consists of printers, dispensers, label applicators, and other material handling equipment. The labeling systems are used in processes requiring high consistency and precision.

Bottom Line 

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