Panduan Pembelian Mesin Pengisian Air

As one of the most important equipment in water filling industry, water filling machine has multiple types available in the market today. And it comes with the problem that it’s hard to find out the most suitable one for you water filling plant.  


Here are five tips given for helping you to make a right decision.   


Automation Level

The first thing that should be clear is what’s your desired production capacity. This would influence the type of machine you should purchase. The water filling machine can be divided into two types: Semi-Automatic type and Fully automatic type. These two types are different from each other, not only in production speed but in operation way. The semi-automatic type is a good option for in-house or individual workshop. The fully automatic type is an ideal choice for the medium to large-scale workshops. However, it’s necessary to consider your production level and customers’ demand before purchasing water filling machines.  


Flowing Path of Liquid

It’s better to check and specify the flowing path of liquid, such as the tube material and the seal material and so on. This can make sure it meets the hygiene requirements. The flowing path is important cause it influences how the liquid passes through the machine. Besides, such consideration can ensure the easy-cleaning and easy-maintenance of the filling machine, so as to make sure the finished products would be of cleanliness and of high quality.


Guide of purchasing water filling machine


Characteristics of Filling Nozzles

The third thing to think about is the compatibility between filling nozzle and your containers. Think about the features of your water containers which are prepared for packing, such as the containers’ shapes, opening size and height. Relatively, you should also consider the characteristics of filling nozzles, like the outer diameter of nozzles, the seal material of nozzles as well as other customized engineering factors.


Pompa Pengisian Jenis

As an indispensable component in water filling machine, the pump is also a vital factor to consider when buying filling machines. Different types of filling pumps are suitable for different products. So for the purpose of selecting a best filling machine for your products, it’s better to learn about some knowledge about the filling pumps. In addition to calculating the pumps’ ability of supplying the needed pressure, you should also consider the affect that pump might has on liquid.


Other Aspects To Consider

The other aspects to consider are the temperature, the hygienic requirements and  durability of the pumps, flow rate, the suction height and back pressure. This consideration is for making sure the pump of water filling machine can match with your products and production requirements.


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