Mesin Pengisian dan Penyegel Tabung – Solusi Utama untuk Kebutuhan Pengemasan Anda

Collapsible tubes come with the feature of creating impermeable protection against moisture, air and light. They are mainly used for storing products which are sensitive to the environment, such as perishable food, pigments, salve, facial cream. Based on this situation, ZONESUN offers tube filling and sealing machine, which can fill and seal plastic tubes and aluminum tubes with ease and precision. Ensure the final product is durable and attractive.


One of the advantages of using tube filling and sealing machines is that they provide a wide range of customization options. Whether the product is food(strawberry jam, chili sauce), chemicals(pigment, glue), personal care products(toothpaste), or cosmetics(hand cream), ZONESUN can always customize the machine to meet your unique production demands. Tube filling and sealing machine have manual, semi-automatic and automatic types, which can cater to the different needs of companies.


What’s more, the collapsible tube filling and sealing machine are easy to operate and maintain. For example, these machines are usually designed with user-friendly interface, helping you to control the process effectively. The language of interface can be customized as your need. And the tube filling sealing machines are designed with durable components, which can withstand the harsh manufacturing environment. This can minimize downtime and decrease repair costs.


-Collapsible Plastic Tube Filling Sealing Machine

This kind of machine is usually designed into monoblock design, which integrates functions of feeding, filling, sealing, trimming and coding. It adopts ultrasonic sealing design, which can seal tubes firmly and beautifully. The tube filling and sealing machines use a volumetric dosing system, ensuring the right amount of product is dispensed and sealed, eliminating waste and saving cost.


Collapsible Plastic Tube Filling Sealing Machine


-Collapsible Aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine

This kind of machine is usually designed with gear or scroll wheel structure, which is for folding the aluminum tubes. The collapsible tube filling and sealing machines can be customized for various tube sizes. They can also be customized into food-grade ones, which can be used for packing sauce, food products.


Collapsible Aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine


In conclusion, collapsible tube filling and sealing machines provide an efficient and convenient solution for the packaging demands of different industries. The machines deliver precision filling and sealing processes for both plastic and aluminum tubes, ensuring the products are fresh, safe and appealing. With the versatility and customizability of the machines, manufacturers can package their products reliably and attractively, providing their clients and customers with a superior experience.


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