ZS-LN01 자동 액체 질소 투약 기계

The liquid nitrogen dosing machine is mainly used to pressurize and reinforce thin-walled (aluminum,PET) containers such as mineral water, juice, iced tea and other beverages. It can be used together with beverage filling machine to complete automation.

공유 대상:

액체 질소 투약 기계


  • Withtemperature monitoring function,dosing nozzle can automatically add or subtract liquid nitrogen filling amount according to the change of filling temperature.
  • Equipped with PLC control panel, it is more convenient to set working parameters.


Diagram of liquid nitrogen dosing machine

Nitrogen dosing machine with beverage filling machine

기계 모델 ZS-LN01
전압 110VAC-60Hz/220V AC-50Hz
Current ≤5A
작업 속도 Max 3000 cans/H
Humidity relative humidity 0%-100%
Noise Continuous noise ≤78dB (A)
기계 무게 About 32KG
패키지 크기 About 1220*770*470mm
패키지 무게 About 94kg
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Application of liquid nitrogen dosing machine

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