ZS-WIM02 자동 캡 라이너 삽입 기계

Designed for reel liner, this machine has functions of feeding caps, cutting cap liners and inserting liners into caps automatically. Working speed is about 50-120pcs/min. This cap liner insertion machine can be customized to meet your demands.

공유 대상:


Automatic Cap Liner Insertion Machine


  • With sensor to detect caps, this machine will not feed cap liners if there are no caps, smart and efficient.
  • Designed with touchscreen panel, it is convenient to control and debug the machine. Language of panel can be customized.
  • This cap lining machine can also work with capping and sealing machine to complete automation.


기계 다이어그램

기계 세부사항


모델 ZS-WIM02
전압 110/220V 50-60Hz 0.2KW
작업 능력 About 50-120 pcs/min
캡 직경 맞춤형
Compressed Air Requirement 4-5Bar
공기 소비량 About 20nL/min
순중량 About 1500kg
총 중량 About 1650kg
기계 크기 About 3.35m*2.25m*2m(L*W*H)
패키지 크기 About 10 CBM
  • 적용 가능한 제품: Cap Liners.
  • 해당 산업: Chemical, medicine, drink industries.


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