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Automatic Labeling Machine
Reliable Automatic Labeling Machine

ZONESUN Technology Ltd is a leading professional packaging and automatic labeling machine manufacturer committed to providing high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective products in China since 2003.

An automatic labeling machine is used to stick labels on bottles and packages after they are filled with products before being taken to distribution channels.

Why do you need the ZONESUN labeling machine?

Designed with a desktop application, the ZONESUN labeling machine is ideal for automated use in conjunction with the packaging and filling machines for automated efficient production. The automatic labeling machine comes with a variety of benefits such as

• Wide range of applications: From round bottles like wine, beer, juice, and oil bottles, to square and polygon bottles to small test tubes, our automatic labeling machines can be used on almost any bottles shape including flat surfaces like

• Automated operation: With an electric eye and desktop alignment, our labeling machine is capable of detecting bottles automatically and sticking the labels. This makes it suitable for automatic production with packaging machines.

• High efficiency: The Zonesun labeling machine offers very high efficiency since it can handle several bottles in a minute.

• Easily customizable: The automatic labeling allows our users to customize the language settings to fit their preferences.

• Easy to operate: Designed with a touch screen and PLC panel, it is easy to set parameters for the machine.

• Cost-effective: The Zonesun labeling machine is small in size and with a desktop design, can greatly save working space.

• High accuracy: The machine can achieve great accuracy for different bottle-shape applications.

Applications of the ZONESUN labeling machine

With many manufacturers looking for automated production and labeling functions, our Zonesun labeling machine is used in a wide range of industries. These are the food, medical, chemical, and beverage industries.

Enhancing the labeling experience with quality, cost-effective and reliable automatic labeling machines, we bring you high-speed and customizable labeling machines. For more information or inquiries about our Zonesun labeling machine, connect with us today.

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