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As an indispensable part of packaging system, capping machines can make products secure and tamper-proof. But it is a boring and inefficient process to cap or seal every bottle manually. Therefore, capping machines are manufactured to realize the purpose of capping bottles or other containers quickly, consistently and reliably. There are all kinds of capping machines in the market, so it’s necessary to learn about the different applications of capping machines before purchasing a machine.


Wooden CorksРОПП КрышкиSprayer CapsMetal Lug Caps


Wooden Corks

Bottle corking machines can be used for dealing with wooden corks, T-corks and other similar closures of different products. Commonly seen in distilled spirit and wine industries, corking machines can be designed into automatic types to apply for high-speed projects, or semi-automatic types for small-medium workshops. Whether the corks are placed onto bottles manually or automatically, the capping head would run and push the corks to accomplish sealing.


Metal ROPP Caps

The metal ROPP cap is getting more and more popular in many industries. It’s widely used in wine industries in history. The aluminum blanks are set on bottles, and the ROPP capping machines tighten caps by using a set of special knives, which supplies products the secure sealing and tamper-proof evidence. The ROPP capping machines can be designed into the ones which have one or multiple heads. Also, they can be designed into automatic types or semi-automatic types.


Screw-on or Continuous Thread Covers

Continuous thread covers are common in daily life, which are mainly applied for detergent products, cosmetics, sauce or drinks. These covers can simply be screw-on covers, or also available in the form of lotion pumps, spray caps and dropper caps, etc. ZONESUN provides different capping machines for these types of bottle covers. One of them is spindle capping machine. Spindle capping machine is mainly used in automatic filling lines. Adopting sets of capping wheels, they can tighten bottle covers when they pass by the wheels. This kind of machine has the feature of high production efficiency. The other type is screw capping machine. It has a wide scope of application, which suits for tightening spray caps, trigger pumps, dropper caps, etc. This kind of capping machines can be widely used in chemical, daily chemical, cosmetic, drink industries.  


Metal Lug Caps

Metal lug caps are usually seen in food industries, such as jam, sauce, etc. These products require pressure to push the cover into place, ensuring reliable sealing of the bottles. To achieve reliable sealing, ZONESUN offers vacuum capping machine for metal lug caps. This kind of machine can be made in semi-automatic or automatic types.


As a leading capping machine manufacturer in China, ZONESUN offers customized capping solutions for different industries. We are continuously improving our technology, aiming to provide high-quality packing machines and better service for you. ZONESUN is looking forward to building long-term relationship with you.


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