Автоматическая машина для ополаскивания бутылок с 12 головками: Исключительная машина для ополаскивания бутылок

To produce bottled products, the bottle itself has to go through many different procedures to be fully prepared. Before a bottle is filled and capped, it must be overturned, rinsed, and drained. 

The Automatic 12 Heads Bottle Washing Rinsing Drying Machine is a bottle rinser that performs all these functions with proper organization and high working speed. The machine is quite sturdy, and you can expect it to be in service for a long time.  


bottle rinser


A Versatile Bottle Rinser 

As the name states, the Automatic 12 Heads Bottle Washing Rinsing Drying Machine is a machine which not only rinses bottles but does everything else as well. So, why spend on extra machinery when just one can suffice? 

This bottle rinser overturns, washes, and dries each bottle so they are entirely ready to be filled. The equipment can perform such functions with a maximum working speed of 2000 bottles per hour, making it highly efficient.   


A Highly Durable Alternative to its Counterparts 

The Automatic 12 Heads Bottle Washing Rinsing Drying Machine is a bottle rinser which is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel. Its material helps resist corrosion, making the machine extremely durable and a secure investment for your production needs. 

As it is anti-corrosion, you can expect it to stay in good condition for a long time. There are many similar machines in the market, but our bottle rinser is more reliable than most. So, if you are looking for an effective bottle rinser within a reasonable price range, this is the one.


Effective Automated Production 

This bottle rinser can be used with filling and capping machines to enable automated production. The Automatic 12 Heads Bottle Washing Rinsing Drying Machine completely subtracts the human component from production, eliminating human error and, thus, improving efficiency. 

Using this automated production, you can produce bottled items with more ease. You just have to trust the machine and let it do its job, which it will do diligently.  


bottle rinser


Tailored According to Your Needs

We understand that sometimes the equipment you want to purchase needs to be tailored according to certain specifications. So, we provide customization options with the bottle rinser, so you can adjust some settings according to your needs.  

There are a total of 24 nozzles, with 12 each for washing and drying, which gives you ample options to experiment with and find the most suitable choices for your production. As per your preferences, the conveyor size can also be changed once you provide us with the required dimensions. So, ultimately you can make this bottle rinser uniquely your own.   


Sample Testing for Your Satisfaction 

To make you feel more comfortable with our products, we have introduced sample testing as part of our services. If you think the Automatic 12 Heads Bottle Washing Rinsing Drying Machine can be an appropriate bottle rinser for your product, but you still want to be sure, then mail the samples of your product to us, and we will test it for you.  


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