Хороший выбор для косметической машины для розлива

Are you looking for filling machines which suit for your cosmetic products, but cannot decide which one is best? Actually the factors that determine whether the machine is suitable are based on cosmetic products’ types and packaging way.  


1. Peristaltic Pump Filling Machine

If you want to pack nail polish, then it’s better to choose a peristaltic pump filling machine to do this. One of the advantage of peristaltic pump is that the liquid only flows through tubes, rather than through pumps, which can ensure product’s cleanliness at some point. The other is that it’s convenient to change and clean tubes when you want to fill different liquid.


2. Ceramic Pump Filling Machine

The feature of ceramic pump filling machine is that it has high filling precision, which is an ideal choice for advanced cosmetics like facial essence, essential oil, etc. It can fill liquid into small-volume containers at high accuracy, so it’s unnecessary to worry about any waste of products.


Essence Ampoule Filling


3. Overflow Filling Machine

The working principle of overflow filling machines is to control liquid level of bottles to the same level when filling. Once the liquid is over a certain level, the extra liquid will overflow back into a storage tank. It’s a good choice for packing light gel, shampoo and foamy products.


4. Piston Filling Machine

Piston filling machine can deal with liquid ranging from low viscosity to high viscosity. It suits for packaging hand cream, moisturizer, thick lotion and facial cleanser and so on. Besides, it is low-cost and easy-use, which has the ability to pack about 3 thousand to 60 thousand products a day.


5. Servo Filling Machine

Servo filling machine has wide application in packaging different types of cosmetic products. Designed with servo driven drip proof syringes, it can be controlled by setting filling volume directly on PLC panel. The servo filling machine is also able to fill both low-viscosity and high-viscosity materials.


With rich experience in packaging machine industries, ZONESUN offers tailor-made filling solutions for your business. Whether for small-scale workshop or for large factory, ZONESUN can always keep pace with our customers. We are doing our best to provide our customers with best products and better service.



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