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Are you looking for a perfect fluid filling machine? Buying the best filling machine has excellent benefits for your business or enterprise, but this is only true if you purchase your machine from a reliable and trustworthy filling machine manufacturer. Filling machines have gained popularity because of their high speed, precision, and minimal human error.

Finding one that suits your business may be difficult with various machines in the market. This article covers everything you need to know about filling machines.

filling machine manufacturer

Types of filling machines

A good filling machine manufacturer provides devices that handle the product with care without hampering hygiene and affecting product quality.

Liquid filling machines

Liquid filling machines, also known as flow filling machines, are the most common machines in the beverage industry. Their primary purpose is to fill with viscous and non-viscous liquids. It’s vital to mention the type of container you need from the filling machine manufacturer while considering a liquid filling machine.

Liquid filler distributes a unified liquid-based product. You can then classify products in different containers like bottle caps.

Application of liquid filling machines

First, liquid filling machines come in different mechanism variants, either semi-automatic or full-automatic.   The machine’s fundamental concept is that the containers and bottles are passed on the belt and filled with liquid via the nozzles. Liquid filling machines are commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Types of liquid filling equipment

  • Semi-automatic liquid filling

Semi-automatic machines operate on a zero-drop operation. It uses pistons and syringes and comes with lots of benefits for businesses. These machines are perfect for the use of all liquids, including pharmaceutical and detergent products. Also, they are suitable for medium and large scale production as they are accurate, fast with flexible filling solutions.

  • Fully-automatic liquid filling machines

This is the most popular type of machine commonly used by an enterprise. A fully automatic liquid filling machine works best for large-scale production. Meaning it can meet all large production requirements. This machine is best suitable for viscosity liquids.

Gel filling machine

  • Dust cover- for quality products and to prevent air pollution
  • Piston driven- the machine has a filling speed of 6 heads which can be operated separately, thus filling the liquid accurately
  • It has a PLC panel- it eases the parameter adjustments. You can also customize the language on the panel
  • Adjustable conveyor speed and width of the conveyor belt depending on the production speed.

After the gel products have gone through the filling process, another liquid packing equipment completes the packaging process.

Машина для наполнения порошком

If you need a high accuracy machine for your powder filling business, then a powder filling machine is the best option. The machine types offer high filling accuracy, but they can also maintain the zero-drip operation. Powder filling machines use light control technology and spiral feeding.

It’s one of the most popular machines among filling machine manufacturers due to its ability to work with both granulated and free-flowing powdered products. The perfect example of these non-free products is table salt and brown sugar. In addition, they are used in various packaging types for feeds, pesticides, and starch as they are easily visible in food and beverage.

Benefits of powder filling machines

  • Effective production cost

There are various methods by which powder filling machines reduce cost. The machine saves on time, money, and energy.

  • Precise power

Powder filling machines ensure that the filling process is uniform, thus helping produce uniform powder fills. Filling machine manufacturers provide that their devices have high precision and accuracy. These features help to minimize wastages which are very common in manual filling.

  • Meets all production needs

As aforementioned, powder fillers have high precision and accuracy. It makes them perfect for low and high production needs. And since most filling machine manufacturers offer these machines in extensive ranges, you can rely on them for both large-scale production, no matter the size.

  • Available in various sizes

Powder filling machines come with various interchangeable container sizes. The engine gets the containers changed to different filling levels. This concept makes powder milling machines more reliable; also, these machines handle any package, no matter the type of powder filler you select. Lastly, a filling machine manufacturer can customize the powder filling machine upon your request.

Another thing about powder filling machines is their silent features which help boost productivity. It includes;

  • Have digital display settings making it simple to control or pre-set revolutions
  • They have an auger-type filling.
  • Powder filling machines have a power-level sensor that assists for powder hopper.
  • The machine has two operating systems; Color HMI and PLC.

Bottom Line

After going through the above guide, we hope you can now understand what filling machine works best for you. Before finding a filling machine manufacturer, you must know the type of product you will be filling, the product’s unique characteristics, and the filling machine. Is it gravity or volumetric piston-cylinder? Also, ensure your machine is suitable for your filling, container size, shape, precision, and speed.

ZONESUN Technology Company is China’s leading filling machine manufacturer; we offer semi-automatic and automatic filling machines. Besides that, you can count on us for any other packing machine type. Our team of experts is always ready to listen and guide you through what suits you best. Besides, our services and products are cost-efficient. Contact Us!




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