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When purchasing packaging machinery, there are lots of factors involved. Many homework and investments have to be made, from research and development to preventive maintenance. Buying a packing machine is a big investment for a business, and to purchase the best, you need to find a reliable packing machine manufacturer.

This guide will help you understand the various types of packing machines, their benefits, and cost.

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Types of packing machine

With various packing machine manufacturers, each manufacturer has a different model of machines produced. The most common packaging machinery types include filling machines, labeling machines, pallet wrappers, and sealing machines. A lot of guesswork can be made on the type of packaging machinery from various brands. But, as a reliable manufacturer, we offer multiple types. Each of our machines has its strengths and weaknesses.       

Whether you decide to buy a brand new or used packaging machine, it’s essential to consider all factors to find the right packaging solution. When checking on packaging machines that are reliable, fast, and easy to repair, it’s best to look at customers’ needs rather than the machine.

A reliable packing machine manufacturer can offer annual, quarterly, or semi-annual maintenance to help keep the machine running smoothly and fast. Besides that, price is also vital for all customers, but it depends on the device’s design selected by the manufacturer. You can get packing machines with fewer parts, which equals fewer things to break and is less costly.

A professional packing machine manufacturer guides you in choosing the best equipment that meets your needs.

Here are the types of packing machines you will find from us.

Sealing machine

Sealers are the types of packaging machines for shrink film applications. Sealers work as conveyors, send the product down the line, and get placed inside a shrink film bag. After that, the product goes through a heating element descending from above, clamping down the load and sealing it.

The exact process happens on both sides of the product producing loosely sealed contents inside a shrink film bag. The product is then moved to the heat tunnel, where the film gets heated and wraps shrink film around the product.

Labeling machine

A labeling machine is equipment that applies, dispenses, or prints different labels on various items, products, packages, and containers. Labeling machines are available in multiple shapes and designs. They can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. Labeling machines are multipurpose and can therefore label different materials; steel, glass, plastic, aluminum, fiber drums, and more.

These machines play a major role in cosmetics, chemicals, food and beverages, electronics, agriculture, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. The labels provide users with information about the product’s manufacturing date, ingredients used, list of features, expiry date, and other vital information. Most labeling machines have an inbuilt self-adhesive labeling system for flat, cylindrical, oval, and square containers. Also, they have an auto-reject facility for overprint faults and barcodes.

Filling machines

Advanced research and development have led to designing the latest machines in the industry. Filling machines are amongst the extensive pharmaceutical devices needed today. These machines are fillers used to fill various products like powder, granules, liquids, etc., in containers like a vial, can, drum, glass, cup, etc. You can use the machine to fill tablets, water, beverages, chemicals, juice, pesticides, oil, liquid spices, etc. Currently, manufacturers have ensured the machine is highly versatile, user-friendly, easy to maintain, corrosion-resistant, sturdy, and long-lasting.

Furthermore, these machines are of different types, each with varying filling substances. They are commonly used in various companies as it helps in filling bottles and containers. The machines include Digital liquid fillers, liquid filling machines, powder fillers, Ampoule filling machines, bottle filling machines, and vial filling machines. Each of these machines has a different working principle. ZONESUN Technology Company offers most of these machines, and the machines have great reviews of high quality and performance.

Benefits of using a packaging machine

Packaging machinery needs a significant investment, but a quality packaging line with high-performing machinery is worth it. By selecting a reliable and trustworthy packing machine manufacturer, you tend to benefit from your packaging line.


When it comes to producing a large number of products, a robust packaging machine and line determines whether to break or make a company. This is true, especially when considering the volume of products produced in a short period. Packaging machines are a good investment when the workload is more than what your team can manage.

High Efficiency

With a packing machine, you can pack more products hourly than manually. When the need to get your products to the market is essential, the physical labor and packaging machinery speed is vital for any business or company. A semi-automated or automated mechanical packaging line is more quick and efficient than human labor.


Packaging machines are very reliable, and their downtime can occur due to a broken part or mechanical failure. But, such downtime can be easily managed with good downtime planning. When several maintenance tips as recommended by the manufacturer are used, a reliable packing machine helps you save lots of time and money.

The cost of packing machinery

There are various steps to use when calculating your budget of how much to invest in packing machinery. First, you need to determine whether the price or performance of the machine is perfect. You must also understand how often the machine will be used, your technician’s capabilities, and the machine usage. You’ll also have to determine the price per package and the film usage.

Also, when investing in packing machinery, employing preventive maintenance is vital. Ensure you try different material formulations, machinery analysis, and environmental concerns.

ZONESUN Technology limited is a one-stop packing machine manufacturer and supplier determined to meet every customer’s need. With 19+ years of experience, ZONESUN Company produces and exports packaging machines like labeling machines, capping machines, filling machines, and sealing machines. We are always ready for quality services and ensure all machines are of quality. For any inquiry, Zonesun  has got you covered.


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