Автоматическая линия розлива


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Машина для наклейки этикеток с пробкой для розлива вина
Jar Filling And Capping Line
Автоматическая линия розлива клубничного джема в бутылки
Линия розлива саке
Автоматическая линия упаковки бутылок с гранулами
Автоматическая машина для розлива оливкового масла
Линия упаковки бутылок косметического масла
Машина для розлива и укупорки парфюмерии
Этикетировочная машина для наполнения и укупорки глазных капель
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Tailor-made service

To match with different production requirements, ZONESUN offers custom-made filling solutions. For different scales of workshops, ZONESUN supplies tabletop or vertical type filling lines for chosen.

Sample testing service

When wondering whether the filling line is suitable for your products, you can send your samples to us. And we will test the machine and send a running video to you.


ZONESUN offers 1-year warranty for our products. We have after-sales staff and technical staff to help you to install and debug machine.

Why we are reliable
filling line manufacturer

Since 2003, ZONESUN has designed, manufactured, supplied thousands of state-of-the-art filling, capping and labeling machines for customers from different countries.

Типы линий розлива

Линия розлива жидкостей

ZONESUN typically include a bottle unscrambler, rinsing machine, filling machine, capping machine, cap feeder, and labeling machine. As a professional food packaging line manufacturer, we have successfully sold thousands of filling lines to customers in many countries. These machines are appropriate for filling different types of products. 

Our liquid filling lines feature a variety of pumps, including peristaltic, magnetic, and piston pumps, capable of handling filling ranges from 10 ml to 20L.

Линия розлива жидкостей
Paste Filling Line

Paste Filling Line

Our range of filling lines is designed to handle a variety of products, from non-viscous liquids to thick pastes and fine powders to bulk goods. These machines can process different types of containers, including bottles and pouches.

Talking about our paste filling lines, which are designed to manage thick substances like ketchup, chili sauce, honey, and jam. Constructed from durable stainless steel, these machines ensure long-term use and safety.

Powder Filling Line

ZONESUN is a renowned brand in the filling line machine manufacturing industry. We offer a diverse range of filling lines designed to enhance production efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction. Our collection includes beverage filling lines, food packaging lines, water bottling lines, powder filling lines and sauce packing lines.

For powder products, we offer both powder filling lines and weighing types of filling lines. The auger type is ideal for fine powders like protein powder and flour, while the weighing type is perfect for bulk products such as nuts, gummies, and biscuits.

Powder Filling Line
Granule Filling Line

Solid Filling Line

ZONESUN filling lines are widely used across various industries, such as cosmetics, food and beverage, daily chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Our liquid filling lines, powder filling lines, and food packaging lines offer versatile and reliable solutions for all your production needs.

For solid products, we provide specialized filling lines, including those for facial masks and cartoning machines for cosmetic tubes. These machines can be customized to meet specific production requirements.

Комплексные линии розлива состоят из нескольких машин, которые в основном представлены как расшифровщик бутылок, ополаскиватель, разливочная машина, укупорочная машина, устройство подачи крышек и этикетировочная машина. Как профессиональный производитель упаковочных машин, ZONESUN продала тысячи линий розлива во многие страны. Мы производим широкий спектр линий розлива для упаковки от невязких жидкостей до густой пасты, от мелкого порошка до сыпучих продуктов. Кроме того, наши линии розлива могут работать с различными видами тары: от бутылок до пакетов. ZONESUN всегда стремится предоставить вам лучший сервис и продукцию.

To meet different production requirements, we provide custom-made filling solutions. ZONESUN has different options to meet your needs. We also provide videos and manuals about how to install the liquid filling line machines. All our filling line machines come with a comprehensive 1-year warranty, and our technical staff is available 24/7 to assist with installation and troubleshooting.

To ensure the quality of our filling line machines, we follow strict quality control standards. All of the products have to go through throughout inspection.


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