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Bottle Filling Capping Machine With Bottle Unscrambler
Compact Filling Line
Tabletop Automatic Cosmetic Oil Bottle Filling Line
Hydration Serum Bottle Filling Capping Labeling Machine
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Automatic 12 Heads Filling Capping Labeling Machine
Eye Drop Filling Capping Labeling Machine
Glue Bottle Filling Capping Machine
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Automatic Filling Line

Reasons why we are reliable filling line manufacturer


·Tailor-made service– To match with different production requirements, ZONESUN offers custom-made filling solutions. For different scales of workshops, ZONESUN supplies tabletop or vertical type filling lines for chosen.

·Sample testing service– When wondering whether the filling line is suitable for your products, you can send your samples to us. And we will test the machine and send a running video to you.

·Warranty– ZONESUN offers 1-year warranty for our products. We have after-sales staff and technical staff to help you to install and debug machine.

Types of Filling Lines


·Liquid Filling Line– ZONESUN supplies different filling pumps for chosen: Peristaltic pump, magnetic pump, piston pump. We have corresponding filling lines for filling range from 10ml to 20L. These machines can be customized to suit for your production need.

·Powder Filling Line– We supply two types for chosen: Auger type and weighing type. The auger filling line is suitable for fine powders like protein powder, flour. Weighing filling line is suitable for bulk products like nuts, gummy, biscuits.

·Paste Filling Line– ZONESUN filling lines can handle with thick paste like ketchup, hand gel, vaseline, jam. All of the machines are made of stainless steel, which is durable and can work for a long time.

·Solid Product Filling Line– ZONESUN also provides filling lines for facial mask, and cartoning machine for cosmetic tubes. All of these machines can be customized as your need.

Complete filling lines are composed of several machines, which are mainly shown as bottle unscrambler, rinsing machine, filling machine, capping machine, cap feeder and labeling machine. As a professional packaging machine manufacturer, ZONESUN has sold thousands of filling lines to many countries. We make a wide range of filling lines to pack from non-viscous liquid to thick paste, from fine powder to bulk products. Besides, our filling lines can deal with various kinds of containers, from bottles to pouch. ZONESUN is always striving to provide you with better service and products.

Application of Filling Lines


ZONESUN filling lines can be widely applied to various industries, including cosmetic, food and beverage, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


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