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Best bottle unscrambler machine manufacturer

ZONESUN Ltd is a leading and trusted manufacturer and supplier of packaging machines such as bottle unscrambler machine and other automatic production line solutions in China and other countries since 2003.


For an effective manufacturing and packaging experience, bottle sorting forms a very important part of the bottling process. A bottle unscrambler machine is used to sort bottles before or at end of production.

Capabilities of our bottle unscrambler machine

To meet different bottle sorting requirements, we have designed our bottle unscrambler machine with the following superb capabilities:


  • Made of stainless steel
  • The size of bottles can be adjusted according
  • The turntable speed can be adjusted according to requirements
  • It applies to both plastic and glass bottles


With a qualified and fully equipped R&D facility, Zonesun brings you the best bottle unscrambler machine with unmatched advantages such as:


  • Durability: It is long-lasting and reliable
  • Steady operation: It is designed with a smooth surface making it friendly and safe
  • High speed: our bottle unscrambler machine adopts a high speed for feeding bottles making it convenient.
  • Customization-The turntable diameter can be customized as bottle diameters
  • High efficiency: With an adjustable conveying speed per minute, the machine offers improved production.


Our bottle unscrambler machine has applications in different commercial industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage, medicine, and other bottling industries. It can be used in sorting bottles, either glass or plastic, of different shapes and sizes as square and round bottles.


Enhancing the bottling experience with a quality bottle unscrambler machine, Zonesun continues to wow its customers with the best, most reliable bottle sorting experiences.With our bottle unscrambler machine, we bring you the most cost-effective, high-performance, and high-speed bottle sorting solutions.


If you’re looking for the best, most reliable, and trusted bottle sorting solutions, for both plastic and glass bottles of any shape or size, then go no further than Zonesun co ltd. For inquiries about our bottle unscrambler machine, our experts are ready for you. Call us now.


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