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Automatic Volumetric Cup Filler for Granules
Rice Filling Machine
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Semi Automatic Liquid Filling Machine
Semi-automatic liquid filling machine
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Filling Machine

About ZONESUN Filling Machines

ZONESUN is a well-known filling machine manufacturer and exporter in China since 2003. We offer filling machines from semi-automation to automation to keep pace with customers. Besides, our machines can be widely applied to cosmetic, daily chemical, beverage, pharmaceutical, food industries.

About ZONESUN Filling Machines

·Versatility: Our filling machines are applicable for different materials: From non-viscous liquid to thick paste, or from powder to bulk granules, ZONESUN can offer corresponding filling machines to suit for your need.

·Easy to use: ZONESUN filling machines are equipped with digital panel or PLC control panel. The visual working parameters can help you to control or debug filling machine conveniently. Additionally, we can customize the language of PLC panel as your need. This facilitates your operation to a certain extent.

·Customizable : We offer customized filling solutions to suit for your production. Some characteristics like filling range, filling nozzle quantity, PLC panel language can be customized as your need.

Types of Filling Machines

·Peristaltic Pump Filler--This kind of filling machine is a best choice for cosmetic or pharmaceutical liquid, like perfume, essential oil, nail polish. It has high filling precision and it is easy to change tubes when filling different liquid.

·Piston Pump Filler: The piston filling machines can be used for thicker liquid or paste like shampoo, detergent liquid, ketchup, chili sauce, etc. They are designed with powerful cylinder, so that they can deal with viscous materials easily.

·Weighing Type Filler--This kind of filling machine can be applied for granules or bulk products like chips, biscuits, brocoli, spice. It always adopts a PLC panel and you can set filling weight directly, easy to operate.

·Auger Filler: The auger filling machine is suitable for dry powders, like milk powder, chili powder, protein powder, etc. It has the advantage of high filling accuracy.

Advantages of ZONESUN Monoblock Filling Machines

·Space-saving: A monoblock machine is a fully automated machine that integrates the functions of material feeding, filling, cap feeding, capping, plugging, even rinsing. As all the functions are designed into one machine, customers don’t need to buy different packaging machines separately. This greatly saves production space in some extent.

·Customizable: ZONESUN can customize monoblock machines to make them work with your products and meet your production demands.

·Flexible: ZONESUN monoblock filling machines can be adjusted for products of different sizes. Besides, we can customize the monoblock machine to make it work with your exiting packaging line, helping to promote the production.

Types of Monoblock Filling Machines

·Monoblock Filling And Capping Machine: Whether for small bottles or large bottles, for low-viscosity liquid or thick paste, ZONESUN can offer corresponding machines to suit for your need.

·Monoblock Filling And Sealing Machine: This kind of machine can be widely used for plastic cup, collapsible tube, plastic ampoule, glass ampoule, blister pack, tetra pack, pouch.

·Monoblock Filling And Crimping Machine: This type of machine can be used for packaging perfume. It can also be equipped with perfume sprayer cap feeding machine to save labor cost.

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