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Máquina llenadora de bolsas en cajas servo semiautomática
Máquina llenadora con bomba peristáltica
Máquina llenadora de pasta
Máquina llenadora automática de productos químicos
Máquina automática de llenado de pasta de 12 cabezales
Máquina automática de llenado por rebose
Máquina llenadora de especias
Máquina llenadora de proteínas en polvo
Máquina contadora y llenadora automática de tabletas
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Our filling machines are applicable for different materials: From non-viscous liquid to thick paste, or from powder to bulk granules, ZONESUN can offer corresponding filling machines to suit for your needs.

Easy to use

ZONESUN filling machines are equipped with a digital panel or PLC control panel. The visual working parameters can help you to control or debug filling machine conveniently. Additionally, we can customize the language of PLC panel as your need. This facilitates your operation to a certain extent.


We offer customized filling solutions to suit your production. Some characteristics like filling range, filling nozzle quantity, PLC panel language can be customized to your needs.

Por qué somos fiables
filling machine supplier

Desde 2003, ZONESUN ha diseñado, fabricado y suministrado miles de máquinas de llenado, tapado y etiquetado de última generación para clientes de diferentes países.

Types of Filling Machine

Peristaltic Pump Filler

The peristaltic filler stands as an optimal solution for handling delicate cosmetic and pharmaceutical liquids, including perfumes, essential oils, and nail polish. Renowned for its high filling precision, the filler ensures accurate dosing, minimizing product waste and overfilling. Its design facilitates swift tube changes, streamlining the transition between different liquids and enhancing operational efficiency.

Máquina llenadora con bomba peristáltica

Máquina llenadora de pistón

Piston filling machines can be used for thicker liquid or paste-like shampoo, detergent liquid, ketchup, chili sauce, etc. These machines are engineered with robust cylinders, enabling them to process viscous materials with ease. Their design ensures a consistent and reliable fill, making them an indispensable asset for industries that package denser products. The versatility of piston fillers allows them to accommodate a wide range of product viscosities, from semi-fluids to dense pastes.

Weighing Type Filler

Gravity filling machines are adept at packaging granular or bulk products such as chips, biscuits, broccoli, and spices with precision and ease. These machines incorporate a PLC panel, which allows operators to set the desired filling weight directly, ensuring a streamlined and user-friendly operation. The gravity-based mechanism is ideal for these types of products, providing a consistent fill volume and contributing to an efficient production process.

Auger Filler

Auger filling machines excel in packaging dry powders such as milk powder, chili powder, and protein powder, offering a significant advantage in terms of high filling accuracy. These machines are engineered to deliver precise measurements, ensuring consistent product quality and customer satisfaction.


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