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Máquina etiquetadora semiautomática
Etiquetadora plana
Etiquetadora automática de botellas
máquina etiquetadora de botellas de champú
Máquina etiquetadora vertical de botellas
Máquina etiquetadora de fundas
Máquina de etiquetado superior e inferior
Máquina etiquetadora automática de viales
Etiquetadora de cubos
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Aplicación de las etiquetadoras

A labeling machine is a device specially designed for dispensing or applying labels to various products, containers, or packages. It plays an important role in the food, beverage, cosmetic, daily chemical, and medicine industries. Labeling machine manufacturer – ZONESUN supplies labeling machines from semi-automation to automation to meet the demands of customers.

ZONESUN labeling machines have a wide scope of applications. They can be used for labeling round bottles, square bottles, flat bottle caps, tin cans, flat boxes, and pouches. We also offer sticker labeling machines which can be applied for both round and square bottles. This can greatly save working space and lower costs.

The sticker labeling machine also has a semi-automatic and automatic type. Additionally, ZONESUN can offer a date coder that can be applied on sticker labeling machines, helping to print batch or serial numbers automatically.

Tipos de etiquetadoras

Etiquetadora automática de botellas

Sticker Labeling Machine

This type of machine can attach self-adhesive labels to bottles, boxes, pouches, and tubes. The sticker labeling machines are always equipped with label sensors, which can control the machine to stick labels accurately.

Máquina etiquetadora de fundas

Máquina etiquetadora de fundas

This type of machine can apply sleeve labels onto containers. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. The sleeve labeling machines are always used together with heat shrink machines.

Etiquetadora de cola húmeda

Wet Glue Labeling Machine

This kind of machine can always apply glue onto paper labels and attach them to bottles or cans. It is made in a simple design, which is easy to operate.


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