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Capping machine

As an indispensable part of packaging system, capping machines can make products secure and tamper-proof. But it is a boring and inefficient process to cap or seal every bottle manually. Therefore, capping machines are manufactured to realize the purpose of capping bottles or other containers quickly, consistently and reliably. ZONESUN supplies semi-automatic and automatic bottle capping machines to suit for workshops of different scales.

Different Applications of Capping Machines

·Screw-type Caps-- Screw capping machine can be widely applied for screw-type caps, such as dropper caps, lotion pumps, trigger pumps, snap caps, twist top caps. This kind of bottle capping machine can work with vibratory bowl, for the purpose of feeding bottle caps automatically. This can improve working efficiency to some extent.

·Wooden Corks--Bottle corking machines can be used for dealing with wooden corks, T-corks and other similar closures of different products. They are commonly seen in distilled spirit and wine industries.

·Metal Lug Caps-- Lug capping machines are used for capping glass jars, pickle jars, jam jars, etc. It is mainly used in food industries. ZONESUN also offers vacuum capping machine for lug caps, which can ensure food hygiene and production quality.

·Metal ROPP Caps-- ROPP capping machines tighten caps by using a set of special knives, which supplies products the secure sealing and tamper-proof evidence. The ROPP bottle capping machines can be designed into the ones which have one or multiple heads.

·Perfume Spray Caps-- Crimping capping machine is designed for crimping perfume sprayer caps. Size of capping head can be customized to suit for different perfume sprayers.

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