ZS-YTEX1 Máquina automática de llenado de productos químicos para pesticidas de 6 boquillas

Made in explosion-proof design, this machine is specially designed for chemical or inflammable liquid, such as alcohol, pesticide, liquid bleach, etc. Filling speed can reach 10-30bottles/min. This chemical filling machine can also work with capping and labeling machine to accomplish automated production.

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Automatic 6 Nozzles Chemical Filling Machine


  • Equipped with 6 diving nozzles, it can prevent liquid from splashing out during filling, ensuring production cleanliness.
  • Designed with PLC panel, it is easy to operate and debug the machine. Language of panel can be customized as your need.
  • With feeding pump, it can supply filling materials automatically, saving labor cost.
  • Quantity of filling nozzles and filling range can be customized according to your need.
  • This automatic chemical filling machine is equipped with chain conveyor belt, which has large bearing capacity and can convey products steadily.


Diagram of chemical liquid filling machine

Detail of Chemical Filling MachineDetail of Pesticide Filling MachineReal Shot of Automatic Chemical Liquid Filling Machine

Modelo de máquina ZS-YTEX1
Tensión de la máquina 110/220V 1KW
Gama de llenado 1000-5000ml
Velocidad de llenado About 10-30bottles/min

(dependiendo del tamaño de la botella y de los materiales de llenado)

Filling Nozzle Quantity 6 (can be customized)
Consumo de aire 4kgs*30L
Tamaño de la máquina About 3000*900*2100mm
Peso de la máquina Unos 350 kg


Filling Configuración de la máquina
Componente de la máquina Marca Origen
PLC Siemens Alemania
Panel de control Siemens Alemania
Pneumatic Component AirTAC Taiwan, China
Sensor Panasonic Japón
Relevo intermedio Omron Japón
  • Líquido aplicable: Líquido poco viscoso.
  • Productos aplicables: Pesticide, degreaser cleaner, alcohol, windshield washer fluid, liquid bleach, etc.
  • Industrias aplicables: Industrias químicas, industriales, química diaria.

Application of chemical filling machine


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