Selladora automática de tapas de papel aluminio ZS-FK6000A

This machine has the function of sealing aluminum foil lids automatically. It is in small size and can run automatically, saving working space and labor. Made in simple design, it is easy to operate the machine.

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Automatic Aluminum Foil Lid Sealing Machine

  • The working height can be adjusted to suit for different bottles.
  • With the way of electromagnetic induction, it can seal bottles firmly.


Diagram of liner sealing machine

Detalle de la máquina-1

Máquina Detalle-2

Tiro real

Modelo de máquina ZS-FK6000A
Input Power AC220V/110V,50/60Hz
Input Current <10A
Output Current static<2A,dynamic<7A
Operating Frequency 75-85KHZ
Output Power Less than 1200W
Shell Protection Class 1P21
Sealing Diameter φ20-φ80mm
Altura de la botella aplicable 20-280mm
Velocidad de sellado 0-10m/min
Conveyor Bearing Capacity ≤20kg
Peso neto Alrededor de 32,5 kg
  • Tapones de botella aplicables: Plastic Caps.
  • Industrias aplicables: Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical industries.




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