ZS-VTPF2 Máquina automática de llenado de pasta por pistón con cabezales de seguimiento

This machine is suitable for filling paste like facial cream, thick lotion, hand sanitizer, etc. Its main feature is that the nozzles will move as bottles move during filling, which improves efficiency. The machine can be customized as needed(including nozzle size, conveyor size).

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Automatic Paste Filling Machine With Tracking Heads


  • The filling heads can follow with bottles moving during filling, improving working efficiency.
  • Driven by servo motor, operator can enter filling range directly to realize accurate filling.
  • Driven by powerful cylinder, it can be used for filling thicker liquid like honey.
  • It can be used with capping and labeling machine, realizing intelligent production.


Diagram of paste filling machine with tracking heads
Detalle de la máquina-1
Máquina Detalle-2
Tiro real

Modelo de máquina ZS-VTPF2
Tensión 380V/220V/110V
Potencia 8kW
Cabezal de llenado 2 Heads
Gama de llenado 200-2000ml (Can be customized)
Velocidad de llenado 2400-3600bottles/hour(depend on material and bottle size)
Precisión de llenado ±1%
Presión atmosférica 0.6-0.7Mpa
Consumo de aire 6-7m³/min
Filling Nozzle Moving Distance About 835mm
Tamaño del transportador About 113*4000mm
Tamaño de la máquina About 3000*1500*2100mm
Peso de la máquina About 515kg
  • Productos aplicables: Cream, honey, milk, shampoo, laundry detergent, etc.
  • Industrias aplicables: Daily chemical, drink, chemical, cosmetic industries.




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