Máquina envasadora automática de bolsas piramidales de té ZS-SJB90

This machine is specially designed for forming and packing pyramid tea bags. High working speed, the machine can pack 70-100bags/min. The pyramid tea bag packing machine can be customized to suit for your production need.

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Máquina envasadora automática de bolsas de té piramidales


  • Adopting the way of ultrasonic sealing, this machine can seal silk or nylon bags well.
  • The machine is equipped with touchscreen, making it convenient to set and adjust chemical parameters.


Diagrama de la máquina

Máquina Detalle-1

Máquina Detalle-2

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Modelo ZS-SJB90
Bagging Type Pyramid bag, flat bag
Velocidad de embalaje 70-100bags/min
Volumen de llenado 1-10g/bag
Applicable film Nylon film,
filter paper, corn fiber film etc.
Bag-making Size Length: 30-180mm, Width: 20-75mm
Measuring Principle Electronic scale weighing
Sealing Method Ultrasonic sealing
Required Air Pressure 0.8Mpa
Fuente de alimentación AC220V/ 50Hz, 2kw
Machine Package Size 1350*1150*2260mm
Peso de la máquina 260-410kg
  • Productos aplicables: Pyramid tea bags or flat tea bags.
  • Application Industries: Industrias alimentarias.



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