Máquina automática llenadora y tapadora de botellas de crema para ojos monobloque ZS-AFC26

The machine is designed for filling and capping small bottles, which can pack eye cream, face wash, ointment, etc. Driven by servo motor, the machine can run steadily and fill paste accurately. This eye cream bottle filling and capping machine can be customized according to your production need.

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Automatic Eye Cream Bottle Filling And Capping Machine


  • Designed with rotor pump, this machine can fill thick paste accurately and quickly.
  • Equipped with touchscreen, it is easy to set and adjust parameters like filling volume. Language of panel can be customized.
  • With vibratory bowl, it can feed and load caps onto bottles automatically, saving labor cost.
  • This eye cream bottle filling and capping machine can also work with labeling machine to complete automated production.


Diagram of eye cream filling and capping machine


Detalle de la máquina

Toma real de máquina envasadora vertical.

Modelo de máquina ZS-AFC26
Tensión 220V/110V 50-60Hz
Potencia Alrededor de 1,5 kW
Velocidad de producción About 25bottles/min (depending on bottle size and filling materials)
Gama de llenado 20-200ml (Can be customized)
Bomba de llenado Bomba de rotor
Precisión de llenado ±1%
Capacidad de la tolva About 40L
Altura de la botella aplicable 35-150mm
Diámetro de botella aplicable 20-70 mm
Tamaño de tapón aplicable Se puede personalizar
Presión atmosférica 0,6-0,8MPa
Tamaño de la máquina About 2276*2397*1702mm
  • Productos aplicables: Eye cream, face moisturizer, peanut butter, ointment, hand gel, etc.
  • Industrias aplicables: Cosmetic, personal care, chemical, food, medicine, industries.




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