ZS-YTZL8A Automatic 8 Head Perfume Vacuum Liquid Filling Machine

This machine is designed for filling perfume. With the way of vacuum filling, it is good for maintaining the original quality of filling materials. With dust cover, it can prevent air pollution during production, ensuring product quality. The machine can be customized according to production need.

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Automatic 8 Heads Perfume Filling Machine With Dust Cover


  • Adopting the way of vacuum filling, it can fill liquid accurately.
  • With PLC control panel, it’s easy to adjust parameters. The language of it is customizable.
  • With liquid storage tanks, it can suck the extra liquid back, ensuring filling accuracy.
  • This automatic 8 heads perfume filling machine can work with capping and labeling machine, achieving automated production.


Diagram of Automatic 8 Heads Perfume Filling MachinePLC Control Panel8 Filling NozzlesStorage TanksElectric Eye

Filling Head 8 Head
Air Pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Liquid Level Accuracy ±1mm
Viscosity Range The maximum applicable viscosity is 20Cps (static viscosity)
Working Speed About 20-60 bottles/min
Applicable Bottle Height ≤250mm
Bottle Opening Size ≤φ4.5mm-φ28mm
Adjustable Liquid Level (from the bottle mouth) 15-50mm
Air Pumping Rate 5.5L/S
Machine Size About 2000*1395*1715mm
Machine Weight About 480kg
  • Applicable Bottles: Round bottles/Square bottles.
  • Applicable Product: Perfume.
  • Applicable Industries: Cosmetic industries.

Application of 8 heads vacuum filling machine


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