ZS-AFK300 Automatic Aluminum Tin Can Sealing Machine

This machine has the functions of feeding aluminum can lids and sealing cans automatically. It can seal 30-50 cans/min, greatly improving efficiency. The automatic can sealing machine can be customized to meet your production need.

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Automatic Tin Can Sealing Machine


  • With touch screen panel, it is easy to set or adjust working parameters. Language of panel can be customized.
  • With chain conveyor belt, it has large bearing capacity, which can convey bottles stably.
  • Designed with star wheel, it can transport tin cans during production, saving labor cost.
  • This tin can sealing machine can work with filling machine, achieving automated production.


Diagram of Can Sealing MachineDetail of Tin Can Sealing MachineReal Shot of Tin Can Sealer Machine

Machine Model ZS-AFK300
Voltage 110/220V 50-60HZ 1.9KW
Working Speed 30-50 bottles/min (depending on tin can and lid size)
Applicable Can Height 40-200mm(Can be customized for other sizes)
Applicable Can Diameter 35-130mm
Working Pressure 0.4-0.8 MPa
Machine Size About 3000* 900*1700mm
Machine Weight About 500KG
  • Applicable Bottles: Aluminum cans, tin cans, paper cans.
  • Applicable Industries: Food, beverage industries.



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