ZS-KL01 Automatic Double Head Rice Granule Jar Filling Machine

This machine is suitable for packaging high-density and non-viscous granular powder. It is not suitable for low-density, light or low-viscosity granules. The measuring cups can be customized or be changed according to production need. It can work with capping and labeling machine, completing automated production.

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Automatic Granule Bottle Filling Machine


  • Equipped with measuring cups, it can fill granules precisely.
  • With PLC panel, it is easy to set or adjust parameters. The language of panel can be customized.
  • Size and quantity of filling nozzles can be customized as needed.


Diagram of granule bottle filling machineMachine Detail-1Machine Detail-2Machine Detail-3Machine Detail-4

Machine Model ZS-KL01
Power Supply 110/ 220V/ 50-60Hz
Machine Power 0.9kW
Hopper Capacity 30L
Hopper Size About 320*410mm(Diameter*H)
Measuring Method Volumetric Filling
Filling Weight 1-500g (Can be customized)
Filling Speed 10-30 bottles/min(depending on bottle size and materials)
Filling Nozzle Size 20mm (other sizes can be customized)
Machine Size 2000*550*1800mm(L*W*H)
Machine Weight About 166kg
  • Applicable Products: Rice, spices, millet, nuts, black pepper, coarse salt, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Food, daily chemical, medicine industries.



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