ZS-FSAB2 Automatic Glass Ampoule Liquid Filling Sealing Machine

This machine has the function of feeding, filling and sealing glass ampoule bottles. It is good for 2ml ampoule bottles. We can also customize 1/5/10/20ml machines to suit for your production need.

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Automatic Glass Ampoule Filling Sealing Machine


  • Can realize automatic filling and sealing at one machine, saving working space.
  • With small nozzles, it’s suitable for small-volume filling.
  • High working efficiency, it can pack 3500-4500 bottles/h.
  • This glass ampoule filling and sealing machine can be customized according to customers’need.


Diagram of glass ampoule filling machine

Machine Detail-1Machine Detail-2

Machine Detail-3Machine Detail-4

Machine Model ZS-FSAB2
Motor Power 110/220V 0.37KW
Filling Volume 2ml (1/5/10/20ml can be customized)
Production Capacity About 3500-4500 bottles/hour
Applicable Bottleneck 10-11.5mm
Applicable Bottle Height 60-70mm
Filling Accuracy 99%
Number of Filling Nozzle 2
Packing Type Ampoule Bottle
Fuel Gas Liquefied gas + Oxygen
Machine Size About 1260*435*1200mm
Machine Weight About 75kg
  • Applicable Bottles: Glass Ampoule Bottles.
  • Applicable Products: Anti-aging acid, serum, medicine liquid, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries.



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