ZS-FSHS21 Automatic Honey Straw Filling And Sealing Machine

Equipped with peristaltic pumps, this machine can be used for filling and sealing honey straws, animal semen sticks. Packaging speed can reach 3000-3600pcs/h, which greatly improves efficiency. The honey straw filling machine can be customized according to your production need.

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Honey Straw Filling Sealing Machine

Working Process of honey stick filling machine

  • Can feed, fill, seal and cut straws at one machine, saving production space.
  • Equipped with peristaltic pump, it is easy to change or clean tubes when filling different products.
  • The language of touchscreen panel can be customized as your need.
  • This honey straw filling machine adopts ultrasonic sealing, which has high sealing accuracy and speed.

Machine Diagram

Machine Detail-1

Machine Detail-2

Real Shot of honey stick filling machine

Machine Model


220V/110V 50-60Hz


About 2kW
Production Speed

About 3000-3600pcs/h(depending on straw size and filling materials)

Filling Pump

Peristaltic Pump
Flow Rate of Pump


Filling Accuracy

Sealing Method

Ultrasonic Sealing

Original Straw Size

196.8mm(Can be customized)
Finished Straw Size

172mm(Can be customized)

Machine Size

About 1000*750*1700mm
Machine Weight

About 220kg

Package Size

About 1100*850*1800mm

  • Applicable Products: Honey, animal semen.
  • Applicable Industries: Food, chemical, biological industries.



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