ZS-VTDP40 Automatic Big Flow Edible Oil Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

This machine is suitable for filling liquid, like laundry detergent, edible oil, juice, etc. It can fill 40L/min per head, greatly improving working efficiency. It can be customized as needed(including nozzles’ quantity, panel’s language).

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Automatic big flow liquid filling machine

  • Big Flow: Max 40L/min for each nozzle. The filling speed of 4 nozzles can be adjusted on digital panels separately.
  • With touch screen panel, it is easy to set working parameters. The language of panel is customizable.
  • Driven by powerful cylinder, the nozzles can move down and up during filling,  which can effectively decrease the forming of foam.
  • It can work with capping and labeling machine, achieving automated production.


Diagram of big flow filling machine

Machine Detail-1

Machine Detail-2

Machine Detail-3

Real Shot

Machine Model ZS-VTDP40
Power Supply 220V-50HZ/110V-60HZ
The Whole Machine Power 1500W
Machine Pump Diaphragm Pump
Max Flow Rate 40L/min(based on water)
Filling Accuracy ≤100ml deviation≤±1ml

> 100ml deviation≤±1% (based on water)

Filling Speed About 30-45bottles/min
(depending on bottles’ size and filling liquid)
Packing Weight About 150kg
Packing Size About 1920*1110*1800mm
Size of Air Compressor Connector OD 8mm
  • Applicable Liquid: Machine oil, edible oil, laundry detergent, orange juice, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Beverage, chemical, food, daily chemical industries.


application of automatic 40L liquid filling machine


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