ZS-FS50U Automatic Single Use Eye Drops Filling And Sealing Machine

This machine has the function of filling low-viscosity liquid into single-dose strips and sealing strips. Equipped with high-precision ceramic pump, it suits for small-volume filling. The single use eye drops filling and sealing machine can be customized as needed(including filling range, panel’s language).

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Automatic Single Use Eye Drops Filling And Sealing Machine


  • With the function of filling liquid, sealing single-dose strips, and printing date automatically, it can greatly save working space.
  • The ceramic pumps have the feature of high filling precision, ensuring production quality.
  • The touch screen makes it easier to set parameters, whose language can be customized.
  • This machine can be customized according to customers’need.


Diagram of single use eye drops filling machine

Machine Detail

Real Shot

Machine ModelZS-FS50U
Power Supply220V 50Hz/60Hz
Filling PumpCeramic Pump
Air Pressure0.6Mpa
Sealing Speed10-13 rows/minute(depending on strip size and liquid)
Filling Accuracy±0.05g
Sealing Height50-200mm
Sealing Diameter50-140mm
Machine Material304 Stainless Steel
Ultrasonic Electric Box20K 2600W digital automatic frequency tracking electric box
Machine SizeAbout 1300*1010*1550mm
Machine WeightAbout 350kg
  • Applicable Products: Toner, eye drops, essential oil, facial essence.
  • Applicable Industries: Cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries.


Application of single use tube filling and sealing machine


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