Automatic Shrimp Pellet Pet Fish Food Granule Volumetric Cup Filler

This machine is suitable for filling granular products, such as fish food, shrimp pellets, nuts, etc. With volumetric cups, it can fill granules accurately. The size of measuring cups can be customized according to your production need. This volumetric cup filler can also work with capping and labeling machine to complete automatic production.

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Automatic Food Granule Volumetric Cup Filler


  • Designed with volumetric cups, this machine can fill granular products accurately.
  • The size of volumetric cups can be customized according to your filling volume.
  • Equipped with PLC control panel, it is easy to set and adjust working parameters. Language of panel can be customized.
  • The quantity of filling nozzles can be customized as your production need.
  • This granule volumetric cup filler machine is equipped with chain conveyor belt, which has large loading capacity and can convey products steadily.


Machine Diagram


Customized Volumetric Cups

Machine Detail

Real Shot

Machine Model ZS-KL01S
Power Supply 110/ 220V/ 50-60Hz
Machine Power 0.9KW
Filling Speed About 10-30 bottles/min

(depending on bottle size and filling materials)

Hopper Volume 30L
Hopper Size About 320*410mm(Diameter*H)
Measurement Method Measuring Cup
Filling Weight 1-500g (can be customized)
Filling Nozzle Size 20mm (Other sizes can be customized)
Machine Size About 2020*670*1960mm(L*W*H)
  • Applicable Products: Pet food, fish food, shrimp pellet, rice, cashew, nuts, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Chemical, daily chemical, medicine, food industries.


Application of granule quantitative filling machine


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