ZS-TB831ST Automatic Small Candy Box Seal Sticker Labeling Machinery

This machine is designed for attaching stickers onto 3-sides of small boxes, such as small chewing gum boxes, pocket perfume. The seal sticker labeling machinery can be customized to suit for your products.

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Automatic Seal Sticker Labeling Machinery


  • This labeling machinery is equipped with touchscreen panel, making it convenient to set and adjust technical parameters.
  • Working height of labeling structure can be adjusted to suit for different products.
  • This machine can also be equipped with date coder, which can print date or batch on labels automatically. Please contact us if you need it.


Machine Diagram

Machine Detail

Real Shot of small box labeling machine

Machine Model ZS-TB831ST
Power Supply 110/220V 50-60HZ
Working Speed About 15-20 bottles/min(depending on product and sticker size)
Labeling Accuracy ±1mm
Applicable Labeling Object 40-400mm(L)*40-200mm(W)*0.5-150mm(H)
Applicable Label Size 6-300mm(L)*15-130mm(W)
Label Roll Outer Diameter φ300mm
Label Roll Inner Diameter φ76mm
Machine Size About 1920*830*1350mm(L *W*H)
Machine Weight About 188.5kg
  • Applicable Labels: Self-adhesive labels. (Normal or transparent labels)
  • Applicable Products: Small candy box, chewing gum box, pocket perfume, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Food, chemical, medicine, cosmetic industries.



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