ZS-XG440L Automatic Soda Bottle Capping Machine For Ring Pull Crown Caps

Designed for ring pull caps, this machine is suitable for capping beer bottles, soda drink bottles, juice bottles, etc. Capping speed can reach 2000 bottles/h. The size of crimping component can be customized to suit for your products.

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Automatic Soda Bottle Capping Machine


  • Designed with vibratory bowl, it can feed ring pull caps automatically, saving labor cost.
  • The quantity of crimping heads can be customized as your production need.
  • This machine is equipped with stainless steel conveyor belt, which has large loading capacity and can transport bottles steadily. Conveying speed is adjustable.
  • This soda bottle capping machine can also work with filling and labeling machine to complete production.
  • This capping machine can also be customized for crown caps. Please contact us if you need it.


DiagramDetail of Ring Pull Cap Crimping Machine

Real Shot of Soda Bottle Capping Machine

Machine Model ZS-XG440L
Voltage 220V/110V 50-60Hz
Power 1KW
Working Speed 2000 bottles/h
Applicable Bottle Diameter φ30mm-90mm
Bottle Cap Diameter Can be customized
Applicable Bottle Height 100mm-330mm
Conveyor Size Can be customized
Machine Size About 3200*1150*2000mm(L*W*H)
  • Applicable Bottle Caps: Ring pull crown caps or crown caps.
  • Applicable Products: Beer, juice, soda drinks, wine, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Beverage industries.



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