ZS-DTGT4T Automatic 4 Heads Paste Hand Sanitizer Honey Filling Machine

This piston pump machine is suitable for filling paste like salad dressing, sesame sauce, mayonnaise, gel. Filling speed of 4 nozzles can be adjusted separately, ensuring filling accuracy. It can be customized to suit for your products(including filling range, nozzle’s quantity).

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tabletop automatic 4 heads paste filling machine


  • It is in desktop design and can work automatically, saving working space.
  • Driven by powerful cylinder, it can fill viscous liquid accurately and quickly.
  • With chain conveyor belt, it has large loading capacity, which can transport bottles stably.
  • It can be used with capping and labeling machine to achieve automated production.

Machine Diagram

4 pneumatic filling nozzles of automatic piston filling machinepiston pump of automatic filling machinechain conveyor belt of automatic filling machineelectric eye of automatic bottle filler


Machine Model ZS-DTGT4T
Power 110/220V 50-60HZ About 300W
Filling Range 10-100ml/30-300ml/50-500ml/100-1000ml/500-2500ml/1000-5000ml
Working Speed 20-30bottles/min(based on liquid&filling volume)
Hopper Size 90L
Conveyor Size About 1300*100mm
Filling Nozzle Size OD 10mm(can choose other size)
Filling Accuracy ≤±1%
Machine Size About 1300*1440*1200 mm
  • Applicable Products: Salad dressing, honey, gel, cream, body butter, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Daily chemical, food, chemical, medicine industries.

Application of piston filling machine


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