ZS-CF4 Semi-Automatic 4 Heads Carbonated Drink Isobaric Filling Machine

This machine suits for filling carbonated drinks, like coke, soda drinks. With the way of isobaric filling, it can fill liquid accurately. It is an ideal choice for small scale or medium scale workshops.

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Semi automatic 4 heads carbonated drink filling machine with mixer


  • It can mix carbon dioxide and drinks automatically.
  • The parts in contact with filling materials are made of stainless steel, ensuring production quality.



>Filling Machine

Filling Nozzle Quantity 4
Working Temperature 4-10℃
Working Capacity 300-500BPH
Inlet & Outlet Diameter 32mm
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
Machine Size About 1090*590*1800mm


>Mixing Machine

Technical requirements
Production Capacity 1.5—2T/h
The mixing ratio of syrup and water 1:2—1:8
Beverage liquid outlet temperature <6℃
Beverage liquid outlet pressure 0.3—0.5Mpa
Carbonation gas content 3G.V

Requirements for raw materials

Inlet pressure of treated water 0.2 Mpa
Inlet temperature of treated water <6℃
Syrup inlet temperature <4℃
CO2 inlet pressure 0.28—0.35 Mpa
CO2 purity >99%


  • Applicable Containers: Plastic or glass bottles, not applicable for tin cans.
  • Applicable Products: Coke, soda water, sprite, sparkling water, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Beverage industries.



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