ZS-RWGFP4 Semi-Automatic 4 Heads Wine Bottle Filling Machine

This machine is suitable for filling foamy liquid, like wine, milk, soy sauce, etc. Adopting the siphon principle, it has features of no noise, less energy consumption and high filling precision. Quantity of filling heads can be customized as your need.

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Semi Automatic Wine Bottle Filler


  • Equipped with feeding pump, it can feed liquid automatically, saving labor.
  • Simple design, it is easy to operate the machine.
  • Using the siphon principle, it can fill liquid to the same level, ensuring filling accuracy.

Diagram of wine bottle filler

Machine Detail

Real Shot

Machine Model ZS-RWGFP4
Power 0.37KW
Filling Speed About 500-1000 bottles/hour
Bottle Height 160-350mm (can be customized)
Bottle Diameter OD 60-100mm(can be customized)
Bottle Mouth ID≥16mm
Filling Accuracy About 99.7%
Machine Size (L*W*H) About 610*550*1050mm
Machine Weight About 45kg
  • Applicable Products: Wine, vinegar, soy sauce, soybean milk, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Beverage, food industries.



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