ZS-MP5500D Semi-Automatic 6 Diving Head Soy Milk Liquid Filling Machine

This machine is suitable for filling low-viscosity liquid, such as soybean milk, toner, juice, oil. With diving nozzles, it can prevent liquid from splashing out during filling. The machine can be connected with conveyor belt, achieving automated production.

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Semi-Automatic 6 Diving Heads Liquid Filling Machine

  • With magnetic pumps, it has the feature of high temperature resistance and high filling precision.
  • The filling heads will move down and up during filling, preventing liquid from splashing.
  • The filling speed of 6 heads can be adjusted separately, ensuring filling accuracy.
  • This 6 diving heads liquid filling machine can work automatically or be controlled by pedal switch, easy to operate.


Diagram of 6 diving heads filling machine

Machine Detail-1

Machine Detail-2

Real Shot

Machine Model ZS-MP5500D
Voltage/Power AC 220V/110V 100W
Filling Pump 316 Stainless Steel Magnetic Pump
Max Flow Rate 6L/min*6(based on water)
Max Suck Distance 2 meter
Anti-dripping Function Available
Memory Function Available
Filling Nozzle(OD Size) 6mm and 8mm
Machine Weight About 35kg
Machine Size About 620*380*290mm+400*380*970mm
  • Applicable Products: Low-viscosity: Toner, essential oil, soybean milk, hand soap.
  • Applicable Industries: Daily chemical, chemical, personal care, beverage industries.




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