ZS-XG450D Semi-Automatic Peanut Butter Jam Lug Bottle Jar Capping Machine

This machine is designed for tightening screw-on caps. It is suitable for chili paste, peanut butter, jam bottles. Made in simple design, it’s easy to operate the machine.

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Semi Automatic Sauce Jar Lug Capping Machine


  • Controlled by pedal switch, this machine is easy to operate.
  • The capping head can be customized according to bottle caps’size.
  • With bottle fixing structure, it can ensure good capping effect.
  • The working height can be adjusted to suit for bottles of different heights.


Application of semi automatic lug capping machine

Machine Model ZS-XG450D
Applicable Bottle Diameter 40-200mm
Applicable Bottle Cap Diameter 10-50mm(Can be customized)
Working Speed 20-40 bottles/min (depending on bottle and caps)
Machine Size About 180*480*535mm
Machine Weight About 18.5kg
  • Applicable Bottle Caps: Screw-on Caps.
  • Applicable Bottles: Peanut butter, chili paste, ketchup, oyster sauce, milk, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Food, chemical, beverage, medicine, cosmetic industries.


Application of semi automatic lug capping machine


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