ZS-YG08 Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Perfume Bottle Crimping Tool

This crimping tool is designed for crimping perfume bottles. The crimping head can be customized to suit for your products. This perfume bottle crimping tool should work with air compressor, which should be bought separately.

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perfume bottle crimping tool


  • The crimping head can be changed to suit for different sizes of perfume bottle caps.
  • The working height can be adjusted to suit for bottles of different heights.
  • Controlled by pedal switch, this perfume bottle crimping tool is easy to operate.

DiagramDiameter of bottleInstallation and adjustment

Machine Model ZS-YG08
Working Height 60-200mm(Adjustable)
Capping Speed 800-1000bottles/hour
Sealing Passing Rate 99%
Air Pressure Requested 0.35-0.4Mpa
Work Principle Power by pressure air
Machine Size 220*275*600mm
Net Weight 13.5kg
  • Applicable Bottle Caps: Perfume bottle sprayers.
  • Applicable Products: Perfume
  • Applicable Industries: Cosmetic Industries.


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