DL-5000 Semi-Automatic Rice Weighing Filling Machine

This machine has the function of filling powder/granules into containers automatically. The machine can run by pressing pedal switch or by sensing function. These two modes can be chosen according to production need.

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Semi Automatic Granule Weighing Filling Machine


  • With vibration function, it can fill materials quickly and accurately.
  • There is a sensor to detect bags, enabling it to fill materials automatically.
  • Just set filling weight directly to realize accurate filling.
  • This semi automatic granule weighing filling machine can be connected with conveyor belt to realize automated production.


Machine DiagramAccessories for semi automatic weighing filling machine

Model DL-5000
Voltage 220V/50HZ, 110V/60HZ (optional)
Power 350W
Working Speed About 6-15 bags/min(depending on materials and containers’ size)
Filling Range 20-5000g
Filling Error ±2g (Depending on material)
Hopper Size About 320*320mm
Machine Size About 365*655*1435mm
Net Weight About 39kg
  • Applicable Products: Powder/Granule: Flour, milk powder, rice, peanut
  • Applicable Industries: Food, chemical, daily chemical, cosmetic industries.


Application of semi automatic weighing filling machine


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