ZS-TB50A Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

This machine has the function of sticking labels on round bottles. Made of aluminum, it is durable and can run steadily. Made in simple design, it is easy to operate the machine.

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Semi Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine


  • With high-quality sensor to detect labels, it can output labels accurately and automatically.
  • Press the bar directly to accomplish labeling. Easy to operate.


Diagram of semi automatic round bottle labeling machineApplicable Label SizeMachine Detail-1Machine Detail-2Machine Detail-3Machine Detail-4

Machine Model ZS-TB50A
Voltage 220V 50/60Hz
Applicable Bottle Diameter φ20-φ130mm
Labeling Speed 20-40 times/minute
Minimum Label Size W30mm*L30mm
Maximum Label Size W130mm*L300mm
Label Roll Inner Diameter Φ76mm
Label Roll Outer Diameter Φ200mm
Net Weight About 21kg
Machine Size About 620*320*370mm
  • Applicable Bottle: Round Bottles.
  • Applicable Labels: Self-Adhesive labels.
  • Applicable Products: Essential oil, eye drops, lotion, shower gel, hand sanitizer.
  • Applicable Industries: Daily chemical, cosmetic, chemical, food, drink industries.




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